Jackson Records Management Services (JRMS)

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        Welcome to JRMS!

Established in 2004, JRMS offers the records and information management services (RIM) of  Sandy Jackson, Independent Contractor and CRM candidate. 

Sandy specializes in records management clean-up project, organizing business records  and documents, for your firm, company, small business or home office. 

The JRMS motto, "Building Effective Records Management Strategies, One Box at a time" is what has pleased Sandy's clients most.  Since the Enron scandal, American corporations, firms and small businesses have learned the value of effective records management practices.  Business managers at all levels now find themselves adding records management to their list of expanding responsibilities.  In fact, a survey commissioned by ARMA (American Records Manager’s Association) International and conducted by Forrester Consulting, CIOs are routinely tapped to provide solutions to compliance, legal, and regulatory challenges involving records management, including electronic records.  Because Sandy is knowledgeable in helping diverse businesses industries (Law Firms, Non-Profit, Federal Government, and small businesses) avoid the risks associated with poor records management, her clientele is among some of Atlanta's finest businesses.

JRMS assists business and firms to establish and implement compliant best practice RIM programs.   Why not let us help improve your records and file management processes and business readiness?  Please review the remainder of this website and give us a call today at 770-263-9480.