Jackson Records Management Services (JRMS)

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Customized Records Management Databases

Many businesses have no way to track the files created or stored by them.  This results in the proverbial “The Black Hole Effect.”  If your records cannot be retrieved, then they are as good as lost.  That’s the proverbial Black Hole Effect.


The JRMS database design service brings order to unruly files.  Sandy will design and customize a records management tracking system exclusively for your needs.  Let JRMS eliminate the black hole effect in your office or business with a custom designed records management (RIM) database by Sandy Jackson.  Sandy has more than 15 years experience designing RIM databases to track active files and inactive files in storage.  This is how a low cost RIM database will help you:


  •  Index hard copy files
  •  Locate files stored offsite
  •  Produce inventory reports
  •  Track files at the folder level
  • Track files at the box level
  • Apply disposition standards for easy records expiration identification