Jackson Records Management Services (JRMS)

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Indexing Service (RIBE)

Time won't permit you to index that mountain of files? 


Let LWSC tackle it for you!  Our Records Indexing and Backlog Elimination (RIBE) Service will save you time, money and valuable manpower. 


Here is what you get with RIBE: 


  • Quick and accurate indexing of your back-logged files

  • Labeling (to include bar code labels)  of your  folders and/or boxes

  • Preparation of files for shipment to the offsite storage vendor of your choice

  • We will even customize RIBE services to fit your particular need


Why You Need RIBE


How much time would you save if every file you required took less than a minute to locate, no matter how old the file?  Many time-management experts say that the average worker wastes up to three full work weeks annually just searching for misplaced papers and files.  Even office managers spend TWICE that amount of time!


Our RIBE service is a cost-effective solution saving you time, money and manpower.  RIBE minimizes the risk of losing important documented business transactions while you save money. 

Contact us at 770-263-9480 about RIBE!   You won't regret it!