Jackson Records Management Services (JRMS)

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Records Destruction Project Management Service

Records destruction is a very important element in the records life cycle.  It is the disposal of records having no further business or historical value.  The lack of an efficient records destruction plan could mean unnecessary litigation risk to your firm, company or business. 


Hire JRMS today as the cost-effective solution to managing all your records destruction projects.  Don’t risk being cut by the double-edged sword of records disposition (being too risky to destroy records too soon and being too risky to retain records longer than approved retention requirements).  JRMS is your win-win solution to run your records destruction projects with efficiency and minimize the risks associated with inadequate records destruction plans.  JRMS will…


*      Identify all candidates for destruction


*      Mark all candidates for destruction


*      On-site supervision of the destruction


*      Secure vendor certificates of destruction